Growing up I have always had a fascination with fashion and loved how different looks would speak for you without having to say too much. As the youngest of four children there were often times when I couldn’t always have the things that I wanted, my parents had bigger priorities than my fashion sense. As a result I would make due with what I had to make my outfit come alive. I would always go for the basics that could be dressed up or down, for those amazing day to night looks! I’m sure my peers never noticed the difference because the way I always managed to place everything together by customizing my look with just a few statement pieces. My statements would vary to accentuate my look from different hair styles to fun accessories. When 'Pretty Laced' was created in 2018 my goal was to provide simple pieces that result in an effortless chic look at an affordable price & I have been able to provide all my "Pretty Pushers" with just that! 


- Kyra T.